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biblio activities – A Rock is Lively

Here are some activities to foster your budding rock hounds after reading A Rock is Lively!  These activities are meant to help your child develop connections with nature, express themselves creatively, and use their brains while investigating all kinds of wonderful rocks!


  • Rock Hunting- Take a nature walk and look at all the rocks you see along the way! The best way to learn about rocks is to go find them “in the wild”. Try and see how many different kinds of rock you can find and describe them as you go. But remember, rocks are “at home” in nature, and only bring home one or two and not a whole back pack full! Take pictures of all the rocks you see, and know that by leaving them there you will allow others to enjoy them too!
  • Write a Poem – Using the lyrical text of the poem as inspiration, write a poem(s) with your children about rocks. It can be about any kind of rock, like rocks in the garden, mountains, volcanoes, and anything in between! You can combine this with your rock hunting, and write a poem about the rock you decided to bring home. Complete your poem by drawing an illustration to go with it.


  • Pebble Art – I love this activity and you can get as sophisticated as you like, making it a great activity for all ages. Using a variety of craft rocks in a variety of sizes, create images with rocks! You can also add things like twigs and fallen leaves, but remember not to pick anything living to add to your art. You can either take pictures of your creation so you can reuse the rocks, or you can glue the rocks to heavy stock paper (like poster paper or water colour paper).
Rock Bird Pebble Art
Zing Zing Tree
  • Rock Sorting – This is a great activity for your pre-K to grade 1 children. Using your child’s rock collection, or a variety of craft rocks purchased from the dollar store (make sure they are as different as possible), ask them to sort their rocks. Ask them questions about why they chose to sort the rocks the way they did. Are there any other ways you could sort the rocks? Are there some rocks that fit in more than one group?


  • Painted Rocks – Painting rocks is always a favourite activity, and your end product looks great in the garden, used in play, or as a gift for a loved one. I like using paint pens, as they give you more detail and control than crayons, but are much easier to clean up than regular paints. You can create pet rocks with googly eyes, garden markers, game pieces like Xs and Os, or anything your littles can imagine! I especially love the idea of making a set of alphabet rocks for children to explore language and word making with!
Alphabet Stones
20 Reasons to Paint Rocks

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