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Crayons, Crayons, Crayons! – Snap!

Is there anything more satisfying that breaking into a brand new box of crayons? The smell, the bright colours, the untapped potential! But what about when those crayons inevitably break? Hazel Hutchins and Dusan Petricic have crafted an entertaining story about a little boy, his broken crayons, and what you can do with persistence and imagination.

Annick Press, 2015

biblio basics 

  • Snap! by Hazel Hutchins and Dusan Petricic  
  • Publisher: Annick Press, 2015
  • Format & Genre: Picture Book , Fantasy
  • Age Range: 2-5 years old
  • Themes: imagination, art
  • Source: Purchased copy

I think we’ve all experienced that moment when a prized possession breaks. At first we will it to go back together, pray for a miraculous fix, then realize that its broken forever. Hazel Hutchins has come up with a whimsical story about how we can deal with these unfortunate situations with unbridled creativity and optimism.

The protagonist of the story is Evan, a little boy who loves to colour and has just gotten a brand new box of crayons. The turmoil of this story begins when the crayons begin to break! Instead of getting mad, Evan realizes that his broken crayon has now turned into two small crayons! Evan begins to find many uses for his crayons, making discovery after discovery as his crayons continue to break, and eventually disappear.

Annick Press, 2015

Petricic’s illustrations show an excellent use of colour, with white backgrounds being filled with Evan and his imaginative drawings. The illustrations are done in a crayon-like style, and even the text is illustrated to make a cohesive crayon theme. The bright colours, varied illustration types,  and comical details make the playful illustrations a joy to view.

Hutchins’ story is charming and entertaining, with a surprise ending that will promote your little readers to “think outside the box”. This book is definitely well suited to young children, especially in the 2-5 range. The language and content make it a perfect fit for crayon totting preschoolers. School age children might find the book a bit “babyish”, and the content is not likely to hold their attention. But overall, this is a great read aloud book for playtime, followed by a session of crayon creativity!

biblio activities 

Here are some art and crayon themed activities you can do to keep your kids talking about Snap!

  • Rainbow Crayons- Collect all the broken crayons in the house and melt them together to make rainbow crayons! Use flexible ice trays to make fun shapes like hearts and stars!
  • Crayon Rubbings – At one point in the story, Evan makes rubbings with his crayons. Have your littles collect flat objects from inside and outside, then create rubbing pictures with that they have found!
  • Group Colouring- Using poster paper or roll paper, cover your dining room table and have a clouring party! Everyone colours together and works together to make one big piece of art!



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